Erin Costello

Image Processing Specialist


Erin was born and raised in Denver and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography with a philosophy minor from CU Denver. Erin became addicted to photography at a young age after her parents began to buy her disposable cameras to take on trips. The feeling of finally getting to see the newly developed photos after a week of waiting is among one of her favorite memories as a child. In high school she focused on drawing and painting as well as photography, and her first darkroom class in college only further confirmed her love for art.

Erin’s love of photography shows in her work as an HDReal® Image Processing Specialist, where she is responsible for ensuring that we consistently uphold the HDReal® standard while working with the team to craft images that make houses feel like homes.

In Erin’s free time she enjoys lounging about, drinking tea, knitting, going for long walks, and geeking out over fantasy fiction novels.